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1620906_697601613595575_64609734_nLast week I sat down on the sofa watching life go by outside to find a squishy something under my elbow. My goldfish had decided to jump out his cage. I am not to sure how long he had been there. Scraped him off my elbow, thought of making a grave for him, and then saw some life. Put him back in the tank, he sunk to the bottom, vertically. Gave him about 10 more minutes, and he slowly started fumbling around. I felt like this girl, save a fish, it makes you feel like a better person.

Ramblers Rest:


Originally posted on Thanda Private Game Reserve:


We aren’t suggesting you bundle one into your suitcase but we did think you might like to enjoy viewing them from the comfort of your home. We have produced a wonderful photographic book of our majestic lions, agile cheetahs and elusive leopards that is now available to buy. Individually printed, they are available from Amazon or an e-version can be downloaded from – just search for ‘Thanda Cats’.

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guavacompoteIts guava season and dogs and donkeys are enjoying the fruits of almost no labour in the zuurveld. Lovely to eat off the tree on a hot winters day or even gran a midnight snack early in the morning. Next year I plan on making guava roll.

Wash well your guavas, peel them of and cut them in halves. Remove the core and the seeds. If you intend to use the skin and the core for making jam, you can leave them aside. Take the sugar, water, clove and cinnamon to the stove until you get some thick syrup. Add your guavas, cover the pan and let it boil in low-heat for five minutes. Then you uncover the pan and leave it to thicken. I usually tend to remove the foam while it is formed during this condensing process of compote. When you notice the syrup got thick and your guavas are well cooked, you can turn off the stove and let them to cool down. Place them in jars and conserve them in the fridge. It may be served with vanilla ice-cream or yoghurt. Source

My recipe last week was a little more natural and african. I added a half cup of brown sugar to water, and about 500 ml strong rooibos tea. Then lightly boiled the cut and diced guava’s for about 10-15 min. Put them in glass bowls, covered with a lid and put them in the fridge for later raiding.


Biltong is seasoned, dried meat strips and an all-time favorite South African snack.

  • 5 pounds of Beef – Eye of Round (silverside in SA) or Bottom Round (rump roast in SA) or Tri-tip steak
  • 3 cups Rock salt
  • ¼ cup Brown Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Bicarbonate of Soda
  • 1 cup Coriander seeds – toasted
  • 1½ cups of Malt vinegar mixed with ¾ cup of Worchestershire sauce
  • Black pepper
  1. Cut the beef into strips (approx. 1½ – 2 inches wide and ¾ to 1 inch thick).
  2. Pour a layer of rock salt into a plastic tub or large bowl
  3. Lay the steaks down and cover with rock salt (Repeat)
  4. When all the steaks have been covered with rock salt, put the tub in the fridge for half an hour.
  5. In another plastic tub or bowl pour the malt vinegar and Worchestershire sauce.
  6. Add the sugar and the bicarbonate of soda to the brine.
  7. Mix the brine well.
  8. Now pour the toasted coriander seeds into a Kitchen Aid machine and pulse, just enough to break the seeds in half and to make a little powder. (You can also put the seeds on a cutting board and roll a rolling pin over them to crush them.)
  9. Remove the tub with the salted steaks from the fridge and remove all the rock salt from each steak. The meat should be firm right now. Lay all the steaks with the salt removed aside.
  10. Now dunk all the steaks into the brine and let them sit there for about 5 minutes.
  11. Start removing each steak and squeeze each steak to remove liquid, but not too much liquid!
  12. Do this to all the steaks and lay the aside.
  13. Now pour the crushed coriander seeds onto a flat surface and press each steak, both sides into the crushed coriander and powder.
  14. Lay all the coriander encrusted steaks flat now and carefully sprinkle the ground black pepper on the steaks, both sides.
  15. Now hang each steak in your biltong box (Make sure that the pieces do not touch each other!)
  16. Let dry in the box for 3 to 7 days.
  17. Remove dried biltong from Biltong box and cut yourself a piece! Enjoy!
    Author: Mano Thanos
    Cuisine: South African



Africa has so much potential, if leaders could see further than thier direct greed, money and empty promises we could go to amazing places. unfortunately with all the leaders promises, lining thier pockets China has a firm grip on our land, mining and resources. Abuse of rights is slowly moving south, although Zimbabwe is doing well and already has a chinese military outpost, and human rights are being damaged each day.

God bless Africa and hope we have the vision to steer through this.

Have been slow on renovations in the last 12 months, but alot is coming together. The bigger picture.
I am planning on having the back stoep, front of the house living room up and running by the beginning of Spring 2013. The cottage is also under repair and priority one for guests and wwoofers.

Been hard at work on very cold winter nights and weekends, doing what I can with what I have. Managed to install the front door with the
help of an old carpenter a few weekends ago. Putting doors in is not easy work and this is about a 120 year old door frame.
frontdoor1 frontdoor
I removed a huge amount of plaster and concrete to get the bricks to dry out, resealed the roof and just last weekend plastered the walls.
Hopefully a lick of paint in the next weekend or two and a new room at Ramblers Rest.


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