A wwoofing experience. Wake up in the middle of Frontier Country, near Bathurst, Eastern Cape, South Africa. This homestead is 5 metres from one of many game reserves. Its enclosed and has loads of potential for someone wanting to live away from the city life.

It can accommodate one person and two if you pitch a tent outside. It has two small rooms,one with a built in fireplace. A small wash room with a toilet connected to a septic tank and a shower with basin.

It currently has wifi, electricty and water ( non running ). Water is only manually pumped and rain water is a must.

The garden has a chicken coop, small veggie garden and a compost heap.

If you would be interested in wwoofing and living in a fine establishment please contact us or apply on the wwoofing link,

If you’re living off the grid or simply want to make your own natural gas at home, it’s really not as complicated as it might first appear to be. Especially if you keep things simple. This video from solar cities shows you how to make a simple biodigester using an IBC.

The whole idea here is to create methane, just like humans & animals do in their stomachs as they’re processing food. A biodigester uses the same principal. You input your food waste, manure, and other organic waste products into the digester, and as it decomposes it produces natural gas which you can then capture and store for use.

Check out the video below to see how it’s done & how you can do this at home yourself…


New Jersey Turnpike, ridin’ on a wet night `neath the refinery’s glow
Out where the great black rivers flow
License, registration: I ain’t got none
But I got a clear conscience `bout the things that I done
Mister state trooper, please don’t stop me


#shindig #ghostrider #darkcountry #southerngothic

A truly amazing little creature experience. A spiny flower mantis decided to live on a single cannabis plant for 4 months, going from Autumn to Winter. He became very tame during that period and one could easily pick him up in your fingers and he would flutter his wings in a show of appreciation. He was there morning and night, rain or shine, even after heavy winds. he never left his plant once.

The adult has spiny structures on the underside of its abdomen, giving it its name. It is variable in colour, being typically greenish, but it can equally be yellowish, pinkish or reddish. It has a striking spiral “9” mark on its forewings providing a conspicuous eyespot in black, green and cream surrounded by a green patch. The hind wings are orange on the inner part and transparent on the outer part. The species is common in captivity and is easy to rear. Wiki

Over the few months he was resident, his colour changed from green – to whitish –  and finally to purple.

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