Landlords and Renters Meet

There are so many issues when leasing  property to prospective tenant in this day and age. Screening potential tenants is one of the most important parts of your future relationship before signing longterm rental agreements. Below we will discuss some of the nightmares both landlords and tenants face when renting a property as well as … Continue reading Landlords and Renters Meet

How To Pick The Perfect Lawn Mower in Northern Ireland

Lawn needs required the amount of tending from time to time. The budget play and personal preference are major players for people when it is about mowing the lawn. Many consider it as a therapeutic workout and does not mind pushing the mower for about 2 hours and others consider it as the work to … Continue reading How To Pick The Perfect Lawn Mower in Northern Ireland

The Best Protein Sources for Vegans and Vegetarians

via The Best Protein Sources for Vegans and Vegetarians

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?… To get to Ramblers Rest, of course!

An EGGCITING new development has been taking shape at Ramblers Rest farm... A little over a month ago, our family of 6 donkeys, and 5 dogs, was introduced to 60 Rhode Island Red hens, who quickly clucked their way onto our farm and into our hearts. And so began the days of, "The Hens in … Continue reading Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?… To get to Ramblers Rest, of course!

Cannabidiol (CBD) help with inflammation

One of the top benefits of CBD is how it assists people suffering from different types of inflammation both externally on the skin or internally in organs or joints. Inflammation is a factor of pain and discomfort found in many health conditions aswell as a contributing factor to many diseases and illnesses. CBD's efficacy to … Continue reading Cannabidiol (CBD) help with inflammation

San or Saint…Pedro?

Huachuma - San Pedro, is known for and has a history of medicinal and shamanic use - huachumeros a male shaman or Huachureras a female shaman. (try to pronounce huachureras correctly and really quickly 10 times in a row!) The plant is native to the Andes mountains especially around the regions of Ecuador, Peru and … Continue reading San or Saint…Pedro?

The Pelargonium Brief

What I notice most about these flowers, are how hardy they are. They have surprised me by growing almost wherever I have planted them. What surprised me even more, was that I thought they were Geraniums! and that most of these species are indigenous to South Africa. They are found mainly along the east and west coasts … Continue reading The Pelargonium Brief