African Bee Honey

We have had a few encounters with african bees and wasps since being on the farm and cleaning up. I have removed two wasps nests from the stables and one from the stoep of the house. Xlolani came across a bee hive in an old unused ant hill last week. He called over an uncle who had previous experience with honey collection and was quite keen on getting the honey. We started a small fire to subdue the bees with smoke from the wood, and then he broke open the anthill to access the honey combs. It was a treat.

A few lesson learnt is that we have alot of bees on the farm. There is another bee hive in the water tower aswell as another hive in an anthill at the bottom of paddock. I am thinking of building some bee hives for the farm as they are needed for thier honey aswell as are natural pollinators of flowers. Using manmade bee hives will create less destruction of the hive when extracting honey.