Using Used Tyres in an Orchard

I found some abandoned tyres at the local dump site earlier today. I decided to take all five tyres home and use them in some project around the house. You could use them as gardening beds. Also as a garden/retaining wall. As a dog basket using larger tyres or you could stack four on top of each other use the tyres as a wormery.

We only had five tyres and no worms. So after a braai it was decided to use them in the orchard to assist with mulching and adding compost to the newly transplanted fruit trees. I carefully lowered the tyres around teh stems of the fruit trees and carefully positioned on the grass.

I had some spare piping from the watering system and placed them in the middle of the tyre near the base of the tree. I then added a 1 inch layer of retted grass cuttings and pushed it into the walls of the tyre. I then added compost about 4 inches thick. Using your foot or spade work the soil into the tyres walls and pat it down softly. The pipe should be upright.

Using a watering can I saturate the soil with water and pour water into the pipe to access the base of the fruit tree. The purpose of this is to add vital compost and give a last spurt of nutrients before the winter period. The sun evapourates most of the water around the base of the tree, so this would provide a way to conserve water and be used as a mulch. The pipe is used to provide a channel to the base of the plant so water can reach deep below the mulch.

Next project is to start a stack of 2 x 4 tyres for a wormery that is needed for composting, wormcastings and worm tea.