Good composting makes for good soil. Soil is one of your most important assets, and needs to be checked and regenerated on an ongoing basis. The area is well-known for cattle farming and pineapple farming which both generally deplete soil of its nutrients fairly rapidly.

Benefits of a compost heap:

Soil conditioner: Adding fresh compost adds vital nutirients, and humus to the soil. This inturn helps retain moisture.
Recycling of waste products: When buying the correct products ( no chemicals, plastics ) and eating properly you will be able to halve your waste. Instead use most of it to fertilise your compost heap.
Adds beneficial organisms to the soil: The active composting process creates a habit for the correct organisms to eneter your soil and be used to break down plant matter, aerate the soil and kill plant diesease.
Good for the enviroment: You can stop using chemical fertilsers with good compost. When you start composting you are opening your garden a whole world of possibilties such as worm farming, vermi compost, compost tea.

Composting is a simple way to add nutrient-rich humus which fuels plant growth and restores vitality to depleted soil. It’s also free, easy to make and good for the environment.

The first thing, especially when cleaning up is making adequate space available for composting, and to find a suitable location for the compost heap.A compost heap should not be in full direct sunlight, but some shade is required to keep the compost wet. Easy access to the heap if you have a large vegetable garden, place it close by. It should not be too close to the house at it can attract alot of vermin aswell as snakes. A compost heap should not be too smelly but can produce some smells that you would rather not have around the house.

We are currently making space for a compost heap in the vegetable garden as it is easy to access and provides a great way to fertillise the soil for future vegetable beds. We will move them and turn the old heap into a vegetable garden. I also would like to build a brick compost heap with drainage. This will be complemented with two x 4 tyres stacked wormery to make vermi compost and worm castings.