Against All Odds

Ramblers Rest is part of an old farm that has been subdivided since 1828. The current farmhouse was built from an estimated guess around 1920’s, looking at the design and materials used.

Previously to me moving here it was a drug rehabilitation centre ( Perseverance House )  for a couple of years. It housed people trying to sort out their lives aswell as a couple ex-convicts, so I have heard. The farm was abandoned for about 6-8 months. This has all taken its toll on the property from neglect and the tough environment. So i am rehabilitating this beautiful piece of land and structures to what it potentially can be. Since working the property I have found many pieces of “art”, poems, and scribbles , signs of once being a drug rehab.

I am not to sure why I am posting this, but just to remember, never forgetting the tough times people went through and how they struggled, before I paint over to create a new canvas.You can feel the pain by looking at the art and reading the words. I have not met anyone who has lived here, and not to sure what happened with the people who last lived here once upon a time, but wish them well on new journeys they have taken.

To new beginnings and hope. May the rambling settler be put to a peaceful rest. Ramblers Rest.