Build a Greenhouse for under 10 Bucks

Been threatening to build a greenhouse for 4 weeks already. I have marked out the space, positioned it properly and given it a lot of thought. We have a full day of sun everyday unless there is rain, which is a blessing. Ok the title is a little incorrect, but both Xolane and myself are every happy with the work we put in, and the materials we used, cost us almost nothing, except for a few cable ties, and a split thumb.  

This is not the greenhouse I had in mind, and actually just next to the spot where it will be. It’s just been setup for seedlings and cuttings to have some shade, aswell as a spot in the vegetable for us to work. The materials we used were all found on the farm:

– Shade netting found lying around the farm.
– Black wattle tree stumps for the structure
– Salvaged wood for the support structures and working bench
– Salvaged nails from the wood we found
– PVC piping from old pipes found around the farm

We dug holes to put the main tree stumps in, and measure them to a nice height to work under. We reinforced the structure with other wood to make sure it was sturdy for the strong winds. And then  connected the shade netting with cable-ties. i found some lovely pine retted planks under a bush going to waste and salvaged in time to use for the bench. Other than that it took us two a few hours to put it all together and now we have some shade for good development of smaller plants.

One thing that I will remember in future, and a very good tip I learnt last night is to remove the bark of the black wattle and paint it with tar or diesal, it lasts longer and repels insects.

It does have a bit of an angle, and does not look sturdy, but it sure is, its reinforced from all angles, needs a little more work, and will serve us well for many years to come.

3 thoughts on “Build a Greenhouse for under 10 Bucks

  1. I love seeing DIY projects recycling what what some would call junk into a useful end product.
    It’s not pretty, but it will serve it’s purpose and cost almost nothing to build.

  2. Hey pobept, thanks for the comment. I agree its not pretty, but its a start and has huge potential, watch the blog cause you will eat your words 😉

  3. Well I think it’s VERY pretty. Remind me to give you a recipe for treating black-wattle latte – much cleaner than tar. Can’t wait to see it this afternoon…

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