Ramblers Snakes

In the last week, we have had a quite a few sightings of snakes.A couple weeks ago I was walking through one of the overgrown dirt roads on Ramblers and spotted a yellow Cape Cobra slithering off into the veld as I walked past. This got me onto really looking into the snakes that possibly are local residents of our farm. Since we are next to Zonerpoespas Park aswell as a 3000Ha commonage of free range ground with lots of small wild animals, I expected a few large snakes.

In the last week we have seen snakes everyday, being spotted around buildings and near the house.A very important point for anyone, farmer or not a farmer. Anything that you pick up outside, one should throw it over and check all sides before lifting it up. Heard just the other day of a guy holding a puff adder while he was carrying a bail of lucerne, luckily nothing happened.

On Tuesday while looking around the veld to salvage zinc roofing lying around for the chicken coop. Xolane used rule one, and lifted the zinc first. It’s possible that was/is a Night Adders home. It was a large Adder, possibly about 1 metre in length. A black skin with gold/tan/yellow typical Puff Adder patterns on. When we lifted the zinc which was really hard to lift from overgrowth of veld, it shot off into a hole. We left it at that.

Today we spotted a Boomslang slowly drifting through the small wild olive trees looking for its next meal. Watching it for a few minutes and very hard to spot with its green camouflage, and also being quite small, only 70 cm. It was quite funny as it popped its head up through the green leaves of a  flower bed. Close to the Boom Slang, while working on the roof. I lifted a piece of wood, trying to put a roof screw threw. I saw an old skin of a boom slang lying in an unused birds nest, possibly the same snake, but who am i fooling.

Yesterday while watering seedlings, i saw something out the corner of my eye. A tiny Puff Adder shooting across the concrete stoep. although these are sluggish and lazy snakes, they can move very quickly when needed. This Puff Adder was only a few centimetres in length. He was quite camera shy, and safely moved back to the game park.

Trying to learn as much as possible about snakes and hopefully going to learn through professionals how to move them safely, both for their and our safety. I have decided to kill large venomous snakes that are near the house as they are potentially a huge danger to our chickens, dogs, cats and birds. Smaller snakes will be moved to either the game reserve or to one of the paddocks.

i am not to sure why so many snakes are visible lately as we have not had much rain. And they should be quite lazy during the hot days, usually hunting at dawn and dusk.I am going to do articles on each snake in the future. Hopefully learn more about them, an advantage to me.

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  1. Be careful out there!!

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