Braai Area DIY

This is a water resivour that has been suggested to use as a storage area, braai area or as a water resiviour. Well being a South Africa, I rate a braai area bru. It’s an eye sore. Its right in the middle of the back garden. Its green with rotted tin, rotted beams and cracked walls. It’s also a quick way to test my building skills and get going with the rest of the jobs. I have slowly started breaking down the walls. It’s quite hard work as the wall is brick solid, 3 layers of concrete, 2 rows of bricks and steel mesh to get through. The braai area idea was spotted at a guesthouse next door, Kingston Farm, and it was the perfect renovation in the perfect spot. This is the before pictures.

I am basically opening it up with the views to the pond and wild fig tree to the east, and open up to the sunset in the west. I am leaving the walls quite high to cover the strong winds, but breaking them down to open up the views. Building a great braai area with bick and concrete. My concept is scribbled below and coloured with GIMP.  The plus side we have 3 x 3metre pine beams, and enough tin roof to finish the chicken coop.

Behind the new braai area, will be the water tank and filtration area for the house and guest house. I will cover up the tanks with a pine fence wall surrounding them. In time will also extend the garden around, also hiding the water tanks, and blocking sound. I think this is a great idea and will extend the garden, create a bigger herb garden for the kitchen and braai area, and block most of the wall from the new braai area when driving through the gate.

Lots more to work on, and many things to get going. But this structure should be up and running fairly soon.

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  1. Can’t wait to see it. This weekend. You’re doing amazing things with your farm!!!!

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