Pine Cones

Perhaps an activity of a forgotten era is pine cone collecting. Only a few decades ago families used to go to our many pine trees around the country to collect pine cones to dress and use for Christmas. Perhaps just simply to use in a fire to add a pine smell, or different colour to flames or used as a piece to dress your christmas tree.

I have been collecting pine cones as we have about 15 pine trees on the farm. They are nice to use as fire starters and add a lovely pine smell to the room when starting a fire. I remember someone telling me how they can change the colours of a flame if you use different ingredients on the pine cone. After researching Oregon pine, I came across a website with quite a few craft projects one can use as a great alternative to our commercial  Christmases of today. Below is one recipe form the website ).

Coloured flame pine cones

Camp fire starter disks