Health benefits of cabbage

Cabbage has Anti-Cancer properties; Especially Colon, Breast, Uterine and Ovarian Cancer. The people who eat large amounts of cabbage have low rates of colon cancer. This is because of the high levels of fib

er and chemicals. Fiber helps to keep our intestines healthy by increasing our transit movements. Cabbage also contains chemicals that inhibit tumor growth and protects cells from free radicals. Some of the chemicals contained in the cabbage are also believed to accelerate the body’s metabolism of estrogen and therefore reduce the incidence of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. ”

– Cabbage is the Anti – İnflammative of vegetables

– Drinking cabbage juice from the stem is a good cure for Ulcers

– Cabbage is also known for Lactic Acid that acts to disinfect the Colon

– Cabbage can also be used to relieve Headaches

– Cabbage is capable of treating other skin conditions

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