Bathurst’s Biggest Bash Ox Braai

More than 30 years ago, Francois Vosloo, the then principal of the Shawpark School offered to do an ox braai as a fundraiser for the Shawpark Country Club, to say ‘thank you’ to the club, who allowed the school to use the sports fields at the club. Sauce

bathurst oxbraai

This weekend, after an eventful last few weeks, I will be working at the annual Bathurst Ox Braai. The last one I went to was in 1996, was hardly something I could remember. This year I will be working voluntarily behind the bar for the local Shaw Park Tennis Club, grave yard shift. I have been told it is loud, almost out of control and a massive huge party with over 10000 people attending, mainly students from around the country doing their matric rave.

Worth checking it out this year (Dec) if you’re up for a wild party- it gets pretty debauched. Sauce

This link is to the official details of the Bathurst Ox Braai: Bathurst Show
See you on Friday the 28th December 2012

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