You have been had, and they advertise it.

Vodacom have been having it, but maybe its enough. This is daylight robbery if you compare prices, not just to overseas prices but prices of data, voice, roaming, itemised billing etc.

For those that can’t find the actual profits in the article because they’re not stated, they made an operating profit of R13.7bn (improved by 21.9%), from R11.2bn previously. That’s billions of profit, just in case you’ve never felt that you’re being ripped off     Sauce

Um we are currently in recession, small businesses and large business’s are closing doors, and Vodacom is making a huge profit. Now one would think Vodacon is providing a fantastic service, dynamic service or something that is magical with profits that size. If you look at our consumer reporting website, you would be amazed that 90% of reports by consumers are totally unhappy with service.

vodacom customer response

Customer Service

“After taking a long hard look at how we can improve the customer experience, knowing that this is the key to continued success, we realised that we needed a fresh approach to strategy setting and an unencumbered organisation to deliver it. The change from blue to red is just an outward indicator of all the internal changes underway which will deliver real benefits to customers across the areas of network, customer experience and value,” concluded Uys. Sauce

Have a look at what other bloggers are saying about vodacom. Still waiting on a response for over 1 month to respond and investigate dropped calls, undelivered sms’s. I have sent 4 references numbers from other vodacom users, with phone model details, GPS co-ordinates. No one in this multi-billion rand business has the professionalism to get back to this request, sneaky feeling they dont have a clue how to support it. I wish something would be done, they are truly hampering our economy through their rip-off rates, bad service. One positive thing is the millions they pump back into advertising.