Shark eats Crocodile

This crocodile head that washed up on a beach at St Lucia, KwaZulu- Natal has sparked much online debate. Three and half meter crocodile is eaten by an enormous shark. The head washes up on the beach at the estuary entrance to the sea at St Lucia South Africa. It is common for crocodiles to swim into the sea here and it is also very common for extremely large sharks to swim in the sea.

3 thoughts on “Shark eats Crocodile

  1. “Durban – The crocodile whose enormous head was found on a beach at St Lucia on 5 January was almost certainly poached and then cut up.

    Isimangaliso Wetland Park chief executive officer Andrew Zaloumis dismissed speculation that the crocodile had been the victim of a shark attack, saying its tongue was missing – a sure sign that someone had killed it for muthi.

    The crocodile’s head was discovered by Neale and Brigitte Cary Smith about 1km from the mouth of the Black Umfolozi River.

    The reptile was estimated to be 3.5m long.”

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