South Africa a leader in GM crops

gmfoodcropsFirst post in ages and alot more coming. Been following Genetically modified crops for sometime now and sad to see this misinformed article boasting about being leaders in development of GM crops. Oneday “Apartheid” will be blamed for our lack of food security and natural biodiversity of food crops that once South Africa was a continental leader of. GM businesses have had a hard time getting products into countries with all the information about companies such as Monsanto. But with the greed and corruption firmly footed in South Africa, companies like Monsanto have a great playing field. The article I am responding to is from our propaganda news engine SABC.

“South Africa continues to be the leader in the development of these technologies in agriculture. In South Africa there was a total of 2.9 hectors in GM crops last year, and of those 2,9 million transgenic crops, primarily maize has a norm of chemical protection.” says Maurice Molony

“He says seven African countries – Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria and Uganda – have conducted field trials on a broad range of biotech crops-namely maize, bananas and cow peas.” says Maurice Molony
The following countries have placed bans on GM foods and some even cultivation:

“Global anti-GM food campaigns have influenced public attitudes to GM foods in Africa.” Source

 ostrich-head-in-sandGod bless Africa.