Witpoet aka The Darkness

It feels like an arm and a leg has been lost through the loss of my oldest dog, Witpoet. Nicknames were stinky, skelm, the darkness, naughty and a host of others. My favourite name was socks as he was a sock thief that was caught after many months of loosing socks. I caught him red handed Witpoet and Era both came from the same home, and I gladly took them from friends for my home in Pretoria. Originally for security it was easily seen that they were not to good at security and would happily be licking bones robbers had left for them in my Pretoria house. Witpoet loved farm life, he shined. He was my most loyal, the fastest runner, the toughest bugger. This morning was the first morning with him not being around in 5 years. I knew how much he meant to me, his cuddles and stinky million licks to the face will be missed, spinning in circles for food and or a walk. 31050_10150191401125714_4548512_n


SAMSUNGSo life goes on and so must the show. Farm life wont be the same. But I thank Witpoet for all the love, loyalty, laughs and protection he offered. Although a grumpy old dog, he was a charmer with the ladies and a dirty old guy to. As me and the boys watched the sun go down with Witpoet yesterday, it was silent and beautiful. He has a lovely spot close to home and always in the sun, which he loved.