DIY – Murphy’s Law – Rule 5

Town & Country Gardening

hen houseAnything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong and always at the most inconvenient time.

Winter and colder weather is nearing my door step. In my effort to winterize widows and doors, much to my dismay. I discovered that my 5 year old calk job using premium quality 30 year calk on windows and doors has failed!

So I have spent much of this week gouging out old calk readying windows and doors for a new DIY calking, to seal out winters cold ‘again’. That 30 year calk didn’t workout all that well. Grinning … So this time I’m using a satisfaction guaranteed 50 year calk. Hehehe like I will know what I did with my receipt in 5 years much less in 50 years!

Chicken Coop Poop With winter approaching I ran my chickens out of their hen house. During winters cold weather the birds will spend much more…

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