Journal of Decadence: Outside the Box – unusual efforts from Huysmans, Gautier and Baudelaire

Third Eye Cinema

Parisian Sketches

Regular readers of The Journal are doubtless quite familiar with two of my favorite authors falling more or less under the umbrella encompassing varations on the literary and philosophic aesthetic of Decadence: Theophile Gautier and J.K. Huysmans.

While I can hardly count myself among the man’s admirers, I am also inclined to rest in firm assurance that all and sundry in attendance here will be similarly familiar with the Poet Laureate of Decadence, the esteemed Charles Baudelaire of Fleurs du Mal infamy.

What I’m sure most of you would not be expecting is a discussion of the short subjects, essays and impressions provided by each member of this troika of literary leading lights as contained in the two works under discussion tonight: Dedalus’ Parisian Sketches and Alma Classics’ Hashish, Wine, Opium.

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