R100000 for stolen land proof!

A R100 000 reward is promised to anyone who can prove beyond reasonable doubt that any commercial farmer stole his land!

In a news statement, Mr. Louis Meintjes, chairman of the TAU SA, said that the organization is tired of accusations that farmers stole land and it is the reason why more votes are being cast for taking land without compensation.

Meintjes say that once and for all, clarity has to be found on this matter. “There are a lot of vague accusations made in this regard, but nobody can come up with any concrete evidence of land theft.

R100 000 Reward

“Therefore, the TAU SA has decided to offer a R100 000 reward to anyone who can, beyond reasonable doubt, prove that any commercial farmer, or member of the TAU SA has unlawfully acquired his land, which could constitute theft,” he said. .

Meintjes added that property rights are providing stability and the basis for economic growth. “Without sound ownership, all other rights will also expire. Yet, our property rights are threatened with lies of ‘theft’, while there is no evidence that any land has been stolen.

“Everyone who believes in economic growth, job creation and poverty alleviation must really stand together and resist the serious threat of popular lies. Do not let the lie continue to determine the direction. ” Sauce

What does R100 000 look like?


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