Girly Macgyver

I know first hand that starting from scratch will some days leave you feeling absolutely beaten. If its not one bug it is another, to much rain, drought, the moment you want to mow the lawn..”click click”.. it has stopped working. Not only that, the dog has chewed the hose nossle,  and the donkeys have pushed over the compost bound rubbish bin.

Like any project having the right equipment for the job is a necessity.

Now look, I have on occasion grabbed the ‘nearest looking’ object to do the job (I kid you not, rocks, stumps, odds and ends ranging from a combinations of wire and cloth strips to tie up poles and branches as support)  and to my surprise, at the time it worked, however, in the long run, think of it as using a soup spoon to dig a trench. In the same breath I feel it necessary to mention that a little desperation is also known as INNOVATION, and goes a looong way. I believe many people (including myself when I started) are hugely intimidated by all the lingo gadgets and tools.

Start small. And for crying out loud forget about the airbrushed tomato plants from your favorite gardening magazine. Think of them as models in fashion tabloids, they are unrealistic and only make you feel bad! Unless you have green thumbs and garden savvy or a professional at your disposal, this will be a ongoing project that will in all likelihood grow with you. Literally and figuratively.

Your seedlings will not grow better because you used the tool with the yellow label instead of the green label, that came from the retailer on the left, as apposed to the one on the right, and your lettuce will not perish because you planted them 9 instead of 10cm apart! Be practical. Ensure you can access your plants to weed and water. Fit a square into a circle if you must or want to, BECAUSE YOU CAN.

Sun, soil, water. Those are the most important factors that will determine the layout of your garden. Banish the word Perfection from your vocabulary. Have fun, experiment, be bold, be brave. Use your imagination. If it works for YOU, then that is Perfect. Blessed Gardening.

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  1. Love your insights – so bad at this electronic stuff and have only now discovered how to leave a reply. Seems you are working real hard and enjoying every moment, well, not including the bugs, the digging dogs and the beautiful donkeys – go well girlyfarmer as we zoom into 2018. May the New Year bring with it your heart’s desire, joy and peace.

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