Pineapple Sage

PineappleSagePineapple sage (Salvia elegans) is an underrated herb in the garden. It doesn’t need much attention, but has a lot to offer. It will grow up to five feet tall, and its bright leaves are a delicate shade of green all summer long. It produces slender, trumpet shaped red flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, too.

Did I mention that it really does smell and taste like pineapple? You may be skeptical about the fragrance. After all, the orange and chocolate mints may smell like their namesakes, but only if you concentrate really hard and use your imagination. Pineapple sage, on the other hand, really smells pineapple-y, and it’s also an attractive plant in its own right.

Uses for Pineapple Sage

It has quite a few uses, too. It makes a very tasty cold or hot tea. It can be chopped into fruit and vegetable salads (yum). It also has beautiful, edible flowers with a sweet taste. A sprig of pineapple sage as a garnish can make a dish of ice cream or slice of cheesecake look almost decadent. I like to chop it into mild bell pepper salsa and mince a little on pizza.