Family matters

It has occurred to me on numerous occasions whilst half-way through a blog, that when I mention someone, you may want to actually know just whom I am referring to and what their role on our farm is. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the Rambling Family. Surrounded by a lifetime and then some, of history, culture, friends, family (btw family includes all our critters, we do not have pets) and a daily bucket full of shenanigans. The farm is built on Frontier Country, a part of South African history that shaped the land as we know it.

Before I continue on with the colourful history of our farm which I will discuss in later articles, I think you need to meet the colourful residents.

So here goes:

TF – The Farmer (aka, love, my I.T guy, the boss…well…)

The Farmer is the proud, hardworking, stubborn, animal loving, selective hearing, hoarder of all things, marketer, blogger, writer and all round, my go to guy. He fixes, mends and keeps us together.

Era – Beagle/Lab, 13years old (aka, golden oldie, little boy, little girl, stretch, king of couches)

Little Era is the heart and soul at Ramblers Rest. This boy has seen it all and been through the trenches. He has maintained his youth in appearance, but time has finally caught up with our little warrior and he now mostly spends he’s days moving from one couch to the next or cuddled up next to TF. And he’s ears are unfortunately only for aesthetic value. Communication is through a series of paw tapping motions. If he wants to get your attention, he will sit and tap on the floor or gently put he’s front paws on you and stretch, while staring at you intently with puppy eyes that will give him total control of you. Resistance is futile.

Tai – Bull Terrier, 7years old (aka, Mr. Tai.)


You know that muscle guy that stands at the door of an establishment without saying a word… and the next thing you see someone flying across the pavement never to be seen or heard from again… let’s just say Mr. Tai is our muscle guy. And yet for some reason whenever I look at him, I can just picture him swaggering to that song “I’m to sexy for my shirt” Tough guy that loves nothing more than to cuddle up and snooze next to you on the couch or the bed. My snuggle buddy 🙂

Ivy – Bull Terrie, 7years old (aka, Miss Ivy)

Miss Ivy… Feisty, cheeky, escape artist, Tai’s ex-wife (I’m pretty sure the ‘ex’ part was her decision) and mom to Baxter. When they said “Dynamite comes in small packages” they were referring to Ivy. Dealing with Ivy is like trying to negotiate with a toddler on a sugar high before bedtime.

Baxter – Bull Terrier, 4years old (aka, Baxie)

Baxter is the teenage boy who just wants to play and cuddle up in front of the fireplace. I am convinced he is always smiling and has a heart made of gold. The two of us tend to enjoy each other’s company on long walks as he battles with he’s feet and me with my knees so we let the others run ahead and frolic while we stroll. I do believe he has a keen interest in acrobatics.

 Thor – Boerboel, 3years old (aka, tjop, mommy’s baby)

Thor, hehehehe, oh dear where to start. Originally a city slicker, he got such a fright during he’s first night on the farm, that we lost him for an entire day! But that was a couple of months ago and today he is a solid, barrel chested, pansy. He laughs in the face of danger, because he doesn’t know what it is. Follow me I’m right behind you! That is Thor. The most unlikely of friends, Mr. Tai and Thor are inseparable.

Cleo – Donkey, Not sure of her age, Oldest in the herd

Cleo recently blessed us with the latest addition to our family. She is a gentle soul and the matriarch of the herd. After the tragic loss of her previous twin foals we were terrified holding thumbs and crossing toes that all would go well. This brave lady has surprised us with her strength and quiet confidence.

 Tequila – Donkey, Younger than Cleo and older than the rest

Tequila is mom to Jack and by the looks of things may be a mom again! She is a sweet quiet girl and the smallest of the herd, also the prettiest 🙂 Will be keeping a keen eye on that tummy!

Jane – Donkey 3 years old

Jane the jester and troublemaker (no wonder we get along). A sweetheart as long as you keep an eye on her, if you skip a beat she will be found munching on whatever you have just planted and you best remember to keep the kitchen door latched.. and did I mention she loves to have her picture taken! A Selfie diva!

Mary – Donkey 2 years old

Mary must be the most inquisitive donkey you will ever meet. Now although donkeys do tend to be curious about most things, Mary will stick her nose into it. And if you ever need your hair done… Mary is your girl.


Jack – Donkey 8 Months old

Jack being the only male amongst the ladies, is sprouting up faster than a beanstalk. This young one is eager to take his place in the herd and would have done so by now had we not have had to separate him from the ladies after the birth of Luna. He has not enjoyed being on his own, one can clearly tell from the braying but will soon be reunited with the rest of them. As long as he receives he’s daily dose of greens from the veg garden and a good scratch on the neck he is at peace with the world.

Luna J – Donkey 12 days old

I am pretty sure that by now most will be familiar with this cute fluffy creature. Being the youngest certainly comes with benefits. Doting aunties (myself included), lots of rubs and hugs and generally being treated like a princess, it must be tough! Little Luna J will continue to steal our hearts on a daily basis while she frolics around finding her land legs.

And there you have it.

From the Rambling Family – Living life ligtly

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