A thing of beauty.

From the moment you arrive at Ramblers Rest, you are greeted and embraced with beauty. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, well I challenge any eye to behold the sites and sounds found on this piece of earth, and not be won over.


As I mentioned in previous articles we are in the process of identifying all the varieties of fauna and flora found on and surrounding our farm. This is a long and sometimes tedious process due to the sheer abundance of life here. I am a daily, snappy happy tourist and have loads of photos to share with you. Here are just some random, sometimes funny and special moments captured on a day to day basis.

Lantana can be found on just about every inch of the farm. The flowers vary in shades of pink, red and yellow with glistening black and green berries. As pretty as they are to look at, it is an invasive plant giving farmers a massive headache. The bushes can grow to an impressive size and can take over grazing land in no time. The berries are toxic and can cause liver failure in farm animals.

Some of my personal favorite flowers include the Wild Jasmine and Rambling Roses. The roses are ‘climbing’ along the stone guest cottage, and when they flower are a beautiful shade of pink that perfectly compliments the sunset. I am hoping the wild jasmine will take a liking to the garden and closer to the main house. It is a lovely fragrance carried on the warm S.A summer evenings.

Bees play a vital role in any garden and we gladly welcome them. We also have a old water tower that has become home to a hive. These we will unfortunately have to be moved as they are in close proximity to the fur babies and that is of huge concern. Maintenance around the tower is virtually impossible, as the slightest sounds or vibrations aggravate them, and in seconds you walk away with a painful sting or two.


Thor knows all about this.. as do I my boy.

The fellows peeking over the foliage are called toxic milkweed grasshoppers. If only the grasshoppers munched on the lantana and not Everything else!! They are not toxic to the touch, only when ingested. As creepy as they look (oh come now, one of those flies through the car window, and lands on your lap .. or in your hair!!!..), they are interesting to observe. The moment they notice you, the entire swarm, in unison, freezes up for a couple of seconds and then moves on. The colours are beautiful, with the torso and legs mostly black, covered in bright green stripes and the top of the head remaining bright green. Well all I will say is ” goodbye and move along”

These photos I have no captions for. The large round “ball of chocolate” looking thingy, is actually almost like a puffball or spore. Ofcourse I had to poke at it!, and when I did it just went poof! releasing some kind of dust or spores. And that was the end of our friendship. As for the birds nest .. no comment, you are most welcome to identify this species of uhm bird. (In Afrikaans this would be rather funny)

Jane and I decided dancing was not for us, we both seem to have 2 left feet!

Lets end of on a bright note

Have a Rambling day!