Stretching your Spine and Spirituality


Many people shy away from lifestyle alternatives like Yoga, due to commercialized media created content that display enhanced images of perfect silhouettes against idyllic backgrounds, and find themselves almost.., intimidated. Yoga newbies to experienced tokers, are feeling and showing the benefits gained from this age old tradition, practice and treatment that has developed and reinvented itself alongside human civilizations.

Ganja Yoga places emphasis on “Going back to basics”. Cannabis enhanced Yoga, by incorporating a sense of Social community as well as Physical and Psychological Consciousness, was for the longest time shunned and stigmatized as a hippie trend or “one of those” alternative practices, that happened in candle lit, incense infused rooms scattered with pillows and beanbags. This train of thought has been derailed by means of proven results through the dedicated practice and education of Yoga by those who have dedicated themselves to this lifestyle and have shared their wisdom driven by passion and kindness.The therapeutic aspect of cannabis enhanced yoga for women with hormonal related imbalances and afflictions like Endometrioses, Thyroid, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and other painful afflictions that have an impact or are directly related to the Endocrine system combined with the physical movements and postures of Yoga have proven beneficial and brought much relief to woman regardless of their level of fitness, health or experience with Yoga, Cannabis or Cannabis Enhanced Yoga. Even without the impact of cannabis, yoga is practiced by, and beneficial to anyone who chooses to embrace it as a part of their lifestyle and to improve their general well-being. This effect in-itself on ourselves, resonates with our surroundings and our environment. Being aware and conscious of yourself in every aspect, with regard to every little thing that you do. Every word you speak, every action you take, and the thought process that leads you from idea to action. Your intent, determines your outcome.Yoga is a way of life for those who choose it to be so, but is also used by many as a complimentary form of relaxation and meditation. Bringing awareness to your joins while transitioning between positions, assisting in overcoming and eliminating barriers caused by a conventional way of thinking. The whole is greater than the sum. A Relaxed body facilitates the process of focusing your mind from the distractions of everyday life, work, expenses and daily if not monthly-yearly stress, related to every aspect surrounding our lives.


For many, the cannabis enhanced yoga experience is a combination that provides immediate relief not only from chronic pain, but also has long term beneficial effects due to the nature of the treatment. Yoga incorporates your own physical and mental strength to enhance your well-being at your own pace, and in doing so you will affect everything and everyone around you. Your family, friends and environment. Most importantly, You. It all comes down to your upliftment and your decision to do so in which ever manner you need, at the time that you need it.

Yoga, and Cannabis enhanced Yoga, can be incorporated into your life effortlessly, yet provide you with all the benefits that a total lifestyle makeover could not.

All it takes is a decision to live better.

Visit to find out more about Ganja Yoga, CBD infused products and lifestyle benefits from Certified and Highly Qualified Ganja Yoga instructor and Reiki Master Amber Demers, who is thrilled to share her passion. Nurturing and Healing of the Mind Body and Soul, channeling a connection to the gifts of the earth.