It is nearly impossible for modern day society to imagine the mindset let alone psychological and mental outlook at the exact time of civilizations, nations and tribes that graced the planet hundreds let alone thousands of years ago. What is certain and scientifically proven is that even then as now, people understood that there was more to our lives’ than what our eyes led us to believe…


Even then, when they only had the moon, sun, and stars to guide and illuminate their way (quite literally!), there were those who were drawn to their environment. They knew that there was/is life in every drop of rain that splashed on their faces and that this “resonating energy” was in every single thing they touched. From the soil under their feet to the plants that they consumed, and also within each other. This energy that courses through our veins as it does through everything that you can right now physically see in front of you, literally means that you are connected. Whether it be an inanimate object or the person standing next to you at the supermarket.  This is the beginning of spirituality. The Cannabaceae plant lineage has adapted evolved and developed alongside civilization and has been intertwined throughout human development long before it was cultivated for recreational/psychotropic use.

Hemps origins were initially as building materials, fabric, rope, oil, cooking and later medicine (even treating absentmindedness! A relaxed (state of) mind is able to focus more clearly, of great help to amongst others, “scholars” way back in the day when high fashion consisted of robes (natural fibers.. hemp) tied with (hemp) rope, wearing (you guessed it!) woven hemp sandals.

Spiritual growth with the use of cannabis may present itself in many ways and stems from the awareness and consciousness, as well as the intent of the user.  Sometimes referred to as ‘Bringer of peace’ and used as a religious sacrament, the natural, organic, living, resonance effect of this plant, can assist you through your chosen method of Spiritual practice, to Return to who you already are… a part of everything.

This, through the absorption of the energy that Amplifies the senses, enabling you to get through the layers of “concept” that we (have) build throughout our lives.

Spirituality is deeper than a reflection of self within the universe, and Cannabis serves as the ego dissolver. For some it is a tool to physical and spiritual awareness, for others, it is seeking divine awareness, essentially it is for all to better understand ourselves, our environment and our place in that environment.

Cannabis offers itself as a healer. Through this awareness and acts which one takes to know the truth, (meditation, drumming, praying, cannabis infused meditation, chanting, attending a place of worship)   that mind and body needs to develop in harmony with nature and by doing this we cultivate a level of intention and inner peace that assists with divine universal inspiration.

It has been mentioned that his plant has the potential if used correctly by enough people to make a big difference in the way that the affairs of humanity are conducted, with the ability to humble us by allowing us to see beyond the boundaries placed on us by a conventional dogmatic thought process

As per the Mahanirvana tantra “May this cannabis be a blessing to my heart”

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