“Prevention is better than cure”, and whilst an apple a day is no guarantee of keeping the doctor away, you can still effortlessly support and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle, by incorporating 100 % natural, CBD infused products, into your daily routine.

Cannabidiol oil supports your general well-being. CBD is not a miracle cure. Decades of research and clinical trials on the Hemp plant, have simply proved that when used responsibly, it can offer a potentially, hugely beneficial cocktail of nutrients, essential oils and fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the body, as is the case with mainstream, effective food supplements, enhancing your general state of well-being.


For the Ageless does not compromise on the quality associated with your choice of CBD infused product/s and neither should you. Brands selected, include the most Respected, Premium, Organic CBD oil brands in the world, that are registered, and comply with, The Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTA UK),which ensures CBD UK Hemp and Cannabis legislation law is followed by legally compliant, CBD oil UK stores and suppliers, and that the associated products are thoroughly tested under strict regulations.

At for the Ageless, they have carefully, and with your health in mind, selected ethical manufacturers, who produce cold-pressed, organic CBD hemp oil (Cannabidiol) using a safe and gentle Supercritical Co2 extraction method to preserve the whole-plant benefits of pure cannabidiol, ensuring maximum efficacy and optimum results. The top UK and European brands featured for the best CBD oil, organic CBD Sprays, Hemp Edibles, CBD Balms and e-liquid products, include:


Biopurus UK, Grown in the Czech Republic and manufactured in the UK, Love Hemp, from Colorado USA and the UK, BioBloom, sourced from Australia, CannabiGold from Poland and Hemptouch, to mention but a few. The entire range is THC free, non-psychoactive and non-addictive. CBD products are classified as legal food supplements because they are all THC free and rich in phytonutrients present in pure, raw hemp extract. The strongest CBD oil UK concentrate is Love Hemp’s 40%, followed by the high-strength 30% from Biopurus.

Highly rated products like CannabiGold come in hermetically sealed, easy dropper bottles, dispensing approximately 400 drops or 100 servings, giving you control over the amount suitable for you. Information pertaining to and confirming the abundance of phytocannabinoids, terpenes and bioflavonoids and also the fact that CannabiGold Premium, is Environmentally friendly, Free of pesticides, heavy metals, solvents and synthetic cannabinoids, is evident in the (publicly available) Certificates of Analysis and Chromatography Results, confirming the bio-availability of this, as well as the rest of the quality assured CBD products, available from for the Ageless.

All of their brands have been sourced to create products that offer natural rejuvenation, supporting a holistic approach to ageing well, not inhibited by any age restrictions or lifestyle associated barriers.

With a steady rise in popularity across the UK and Europe, latched on to, and driven by dozens of online/pop-up stores slathered in promises that easily over-shadow the mystical ‘fountain of youth’, one would be wise to err on the side of caution, as a search for a verified quality CBD product to suit your needs, is akin to being on a “pick a box” game show. You may not know exactly what it is, what it does, or how much of it there may be, but there is something in the box! If you pick the right one that is… Should you feel more comfortable with Researched, Tested and Verified, products and policies, you will most assuredly find them at for the Ageless