Landlords and Renters Meet

There are so many issues when leasing  property to prospective tenant in this day and age. Screening potential tenants is one of the most important parts of your future relationship before signing longterm rental agreements. Below we will discuss some of the nightmares both landlords and tenants face when renting a property as well as a property management system that will make your life a breeze.

Although we have all heard shocking stories on both side of the wall when it comes to renting, luckily in South Africa our modern laws protect both the landlord and tenant through the Rental Housing Act. This Act covers the basics for both parties and clearly states what is right and wrong when it comes to renting your property. One thing that it notes is doing a pre- and post-inspection of the property with the landlord or agent. This is a very important step and is a very good idea for both landlords and tenants to take pictures of the condition of the property. Having photographic evidence is very important for both parties if things should go south before, during or after the rental agreement.

There is even a recent story of a landlord finally winning her case against a tenant who was sending her service charges for work rather than rent! Although out of pocket of more than R200000 in owed rent, the landlord finally won her case against the defaulting tenant.

funnylandlordmemeSo many landlords have had serious battles not only with tenants but also the maintenance of their investment as well as the paperwork that goes with keeping everything in check. Municipal bills, maintenance work such as electrical, plumbing and painting require you to diligently file your documents in order for easy reference.

A tool I have found that literally does everything for you is It is a property management platform that allows you to initially screen potential tenants, track your expenses, collect your rent regularly and allows you to communicate with your tenants directly. Its a scalable property solution whether you have one property to manage or ten. Leave those clumsy excel spreadsheets behind and store all your important documents in one place for easy access and tractability. The screening service is helps you as the landlord make smarter decisions and gives you current details of your prospective tenants  employment and financial status.
applyWhat is really brilliant about the whole service is that tenant may also signup and get access to vetted and verified landlords. Tenants can search property listings for rental and basically manage your rental experience online with your landlord. Build your credit rating, communicate with your landlord and get things maintained or fixed through the online property management software.


So dont stress, there is an online solution that can make your life easier as both a landlord and tenant. Save yourself paperwork, time and stress by confidently using the online property management solution. Take the hassle out of property management.