Selection Guide of Smart Mini Projector

  1. DLP

Traditional household projectors, mostly adopting 3 LCD or DLP chips, usually employ “ultra-high pressure mercury bulbs” as the light source.

While most smart Mini projectors adopt DLP chips of Texas Instruments. The majority of them use LED light sources, and very few “light bulbs”.

DLP is a kind of more advanced projection technology, which first digitally processes image signal and then projects the light. Compared with traditional LCD projection technology, the moving image projected is colorful, delicate, natural and realistic.

Moreover, the service life of the LED light source is up to 20,000 hours. It is not necessary to replace bulbs like traditional projectors, and the subsequent use cost is lower.

2. Lumens

Lumens, a kind of optimized brightness, refers to the brightness of projector screen measured according to certain standards when the screen’s color and details are in an excellent state. ANSI brightness is currently the most valuable data for reference. The following is a comparison of a smart mini projector of actual 150 ASIN and one of actual 100 ANSI.


However, brightness overstated seems to have become a hidden rule of the projector industry. According to industry habits, the brightness generally refers “ANSI lumens”, but common users do not have professional measuring instruments, and have no idea of how to measure, so many sellers overstate brightness to promote the sale.

In general, projectors with ultra-high pressure mercury bulbs can have over 2000 lumens, while with LED light source, projectors can have only 1000 lumens at best. So please don’t be fooled by the seemingly high lumens. For the present, $500 can buy a smart mini-projector of actual 250 ANSI at most.

3. Resolution

Just like the cameras, projectors also uses the term “resolution” to represent its picture quality. Higher resolution means the picture is going to be crisp, clear and accurate. If you are planning to project graphs, charts, and videos, it’s essential to find a projector with higher resolution. For a mini projector resolution equal to or above 854*480 px is considered decent. While it’s not quite full HD, it allows a great playback. So, look for resolution equal to or above this threshold. Support 4K hardware decoding. Take up no CPU performance when decoding HD movies, and the playing is smoother.


4. Operating system

Operating system is the real reason behind the intelligence of smart mini projector. Among various operating systems, the openness and compatibility of Android is the best. It can smoothly use a variety of streaming media, games and office software. The system can be updated through cloud upgrade. With built-in operating systems, the projector can bring you perfect audio and video experience without any external equipment.

5. Easy to operate

The easy operation of product is a key factor in determining the using frequency of a product. The projector you choose should preferably have the function of showing the same image in mobile phones through wifi, so you can turn on the projector to share content required at any time, without other complicated layout and settings. In addition, we need to take into account the environment without wifi. The convenience of HDMI input and USB reading are very important as well.

6. Projection distance

A projector supports one of these three throw distances – throw, short-throw, and ultra-short-throw. Mini projector support either short throw or ultra-short throw.

While short-throw allows positioning anywhere in between 3 to 8 feet (for a full image). The ultra-short-throw gives 0 to 4 feet distance (it’s is best for table projecting). We will recommend going for the short throw as its good for decent room size.

7. Battery

The whole idea of buying a mini projector is to have something portable. And, portability comes with a good built-in battery. Make sure you are buying a projector that can at least project a full movie without recharging. So that you don’t have to carry the charging device around every time.

  1. Operation convenience

With Android 7.0 system, it can be upgraded online. Massive APP can be downloaded at will, compatible with a large number of audio and video entertainment, games and office applications.

It supports to share the same image on mobile phone screen through wifi. The screen can be projected when your devices are connected to wifi, without the need to download any application.

Gindot M10 Portable Mini Projector

With a built-in android 7.0 OS and 16 GB memory, Gindot M10 Portable Mini Projectors come in a beautiful retro look. Connected with smart devices and apps, it can achieve up to 100 inches of stunning pictures. Further, it supports:

2.Picture quality

Actual lumens of 150 ANSI, DLP chip, 4-channel LED source, 4K hardware decoding, HDR enhanced color, and square pixels. Higher picture brightness, bright and vivid colors, high level of reproduction, as well as clear and smooth picture quality.


3.Screen size

Position the projector anywhere between 40-80 inches to get an image size of 100 inches.



With the vintage design of vinyl record, it can even be used as a beautiful ornament when it is not used as a projector.

It comes with a compact body size of 4.92*4.92*0.87inches, and a built-in battery of 7500mah large capacity. It can be used for 2-3 hours when fully charged, and can be used to charge for external devices. Ideal for outing, working or traveling.