Chickens rule the roost on Homesteads

Chickens are the perfect match for any homestead. Besides the hours of entertainment they provide and the nutritious eggs they lay for your family, there are many other reasons why chickens play an important role in any homestead. Below we discuss some examples of the functions chickens provide in the lifecycle of your homestead.

Pest Control

Chickens are natural pest controllers. Free-range chickens roaming your farm will eat all the nasty bugs, insects and pests that lurk around and they will hopefully catch them before they eat your vegetables.

Do Chickens Care if you take their Eggs

Soil Conditioners

They scratch and peck at the soil, which naturally aerates the soil and improves its condition. After your chickens have done their job, the soil is left loose, turned and will have better growth in the coming months.


Chicken manure is high in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. Their manure is highly sought after for vegetable gardens and provides very beneficial nutrients for plants.

Providing for your family

The best experience on any homestead is eating fresh chicken eggs. Whether you use the eggs for your pets or family, the nutritional value of fresh farm eggs is far higher than any store bought eggs. Free range eggs contain higher amounts of vitamins A, E, and Omega-3 fatty acids as well as less cholesterol and fat.

Bobcat ( 0 ) vs Chicken ( 1 )

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