Cannabis and Coconut Oil: Immune Booster

I promised the Port Alfred Gardeners Club a recipe to make cannabis coconut oil. Its easy as anything and is a natural powerful immune system booster,so great for the times we are living in.

2 simple ingredients coconut oil and cannabis flower.

Coconut oil

There are many benefits to coconut oil, especially during this time as a antiviral, anti-bacterial and also antifungal.

” When your body digests lauric acid, it forms a substance called monolaurin. Both lauric acid and monolaurin can kill harmful pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi” Source

What is more coconut oil is a great enegry boost and many cultures have survived on diets using coconuts as their main source of food.


Cannabis when ingested works directly with receptors in your immune and central-nervous system. This is known as your endocannabinoid system or ECS. Our ECS is responsible for helping the body balance itself in times of stress and is the reason why cannabis is such an effective medicine. Numerous studies have proved the value of cannabis as a theraputic and medicinal supplement. It also has many anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti viral properties.

More facts about Cannabis.

500ml Coconut oil
80 grams of cannabis flower

Cooking Instructions
I am using an electric frying pan and keeping it on the lowest setting. I have not decarboxylated the flower, but you are welcome to decarb the flower if you like. I cut up the flower very roughly using scissors ( increase the surface area for cannabinoid extraction ) and mixed it in with the warmed coconut oil. I will leave it on the pan for about 3 hours. Dont let it boil and stir it every 30 minutes.

After 3 hours the coconut oil and cannabis will still be hot, so let it cool for 30 minutes. You can use a Colander strainer initially and remove most of the plant matter I use a pair of old stockings to strain most of the veg matter out. Stockings you say, yes always used them and it works.

Strain it into a tub and keep in the fridge for use.

I dont work out dosages at all. But this specific batch is used by two friends of mine. The one lady uses it as a topical treatment for her skin, she swears by it and loves it as is ( mad, yes she is, but she does have lovely skin and already pushing 60 ) . The majority of this homebrewed batch goes to a medical patient suffering from a fractured back and associated pain. He uses a table spoon at night which he eats and after an hour he is able to get some sleep, pain free.

The reason I posted this article is to hopefully inspire some of you to make this at home yourself.

Please keep cannabis oil away from children and pets. They love the taste and will get highly stoned if they get hold of it. This is not meant for animals or pets please.

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Making a natural immune system booster using only cannabis flower and coconut oil. Coconut oil is packed with lauric acid which is antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Mix in cannabinoids and you have a natural immune system booster that can be used to improve weakened immune systems, white blood cell counts and help the body directly fight viruses. You can use it topically or just eat it. I use a 10:2 ratio of coconut oil to cannabis. This statement comes with no warranty or guarantee. Stay safe, smoke weed. #cannabis #marijuana #weed #coronastoner #corona #virus #corona2020 #corona420 #immunebooster #antiviral #antibacterial #coconutoil #cannabisoil #coconut #staysafe #homecooking

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