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Parisian Sketches

Regular readers of The Journal are doubtless quite familiar with two of my favorite authors falling more or less under the umbrella encompassing varations on the literary and philosophic aesthetic of Decadence: Theophile Gautier and J.K. Huysmans.

While I can hardly count myself among the man’s admirers, I am also inclined to rest in firm assurance that all and sundry in attendance here will be similarly familiar with the Poet Laureate of Decadence, the esteemed Charles Baudelaire of Fleurs du Mal infamy.

What I’m sure most of you would not be expecting is a discussion of the short subjects, essays and impressions provided by each member of this troika of literary leading lights as contained in the two works under discussion tonight: Dedalus’ Parisian Sketches and Alma Classics’ Hashish, Wine, Opium.

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Interesting article about conspiracy theorists. I have always said and I am saying it again,  they  conspiracy theorists, hav e an (interesting ) not so balanced psychological profile with a ‘ touch of ‘ paranoia of course. No point arguing with them either.I have known a  few, say no more!

Once you buy into the first conspiracy theory, the next one seems that much more plausible.

To believe that the U.S. government planned or deliberately allowed the 9/11 attacks, you’d have to posit that President Bush intentionally sacrificed 3,000 Americans. To believe that explosives, not planes, brought down the buildings, you’d have to imagine an operation large enough to plant the devices without anyone getting caught. To insist that the truth remains hidden, you’d have to assume that everyone who has reviewed the attacks and the events leading up to them—the CIA, the Justice Department, the Federal Aviation Administration…

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Lovely pictures.

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20141122 - CS0_2053

My brother Stefan visited me from Germany. He stayed in South Africa for the last two weeks.

We had a great time at three of the best places KwaZulu Natal has to offer!

First we enjoyed pure luxury on the Indian ocean staying at The Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga. Then we moved on to my “home ground” to experience the Big Five at Thanda Private Game Reserve in the heart of Zululand. The last five days we spent horse riding and relaxing on Pakamisa Private Game Reserve with its magnificent views over the hills of Northern KwaZulu Natal.

A perfect way to spend two weeks in Africa. What a life!

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hen houseAnything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong and always at the most inconvenient time.

Winter and colder weather is nearing my door step. In my effort to winterize widows and doors, much to my dismay. I discovered that my 5 year old calk job using premium quality 30 year calk on windows and doors has failed!

So I have spent much of this week gouging out old calk readying windows and doors for a new DIY calking, to seal out winters cold ‘again’. That 30 year calk didn’t workout all that well. Grinning … So this time I’m using a satisfaction guaranteed 50 year calk. Hehehe like I will know what I did with my receipt in 5 years much less in 50 years!

Chicken Coop Poop With winter approaching I ran my chickens out of their hen house. During winters cold weather the birds will spend much more…

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when a piece of pine tree breaks in the wind it brings everyone together.

A fine fig preserve made from our figs this spring in the kitchen of Kingston Farm by Carla.



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