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” Oneday humans will tap into the Gaia frequency. We will be able to extract sustainable energy and a deep connection and understanding of our world. We would have achieved oneness with the earths heartbeat. This will interconnect with the man made Internet of traditional cables and telecoms. We are already close.”

Dear ANC Women’s League, I apologise for addressing you as a league and not as an individual. Women are so much more than mere leagues these days. My non-sexist sensibilities are telling me –…

Source: Real feminists stand by their men

When we hop in the shower, most of us have a variety of hair and skin care products lined up along the ledge—everything from moisturizing shampoos to soothing shaving creams. But among all of those…

Source: The Health and Beauty Benefits of a Body Scrub

Setup and running about 1 year ago our greenhouse has produced some awesome fruit, veggies and herbs. It was built out of gumpoles, shade-netting, old building materials such as windows, wooden beams and zinc roofing.

The greenhouse beds were raised using compost, mulch and potash. Yarrow grew like weeds, spinach is growing green, a wall of tomatoes was grown.

Currently growing herbs such as yarrow, mint, oregano, basil, rosemary and lavender. I am also propagating alot of fruit trees like fig, lemon, apple, avo and wild plum.

Extracting honey combs from a wild hive in an unused ant hill.


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