Cannabis and Coconut Oil: Immune Booster

I promised the Port Alfred Gardeners Club a recipe to make cannabis coconut oil. Its easy as anything and is a natural powerful immune system booster,so great for the times we are living in. 2 simple ingredients coconut oil and cannabis flower. Coconut oil There are many benefits to coconut oil, especially during this time … Continue reading Cannabis and Coconut Oil: Immune Booster

Investing in Affordable Greenhouses

With climate change making the world hotter and harder to grow fruit and vegetables many people are turning to greenhouses to create a better climate to grow within. Greenhouses are not always affordable for the average gardener as the initial cost for a proper setup can be a bit pricey. In this article we will … Continue reading Investing in Affordable Greenhouses

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?… To get to Ramblers Rest, of course!

An EGGCITING new development has been taking shape at Ramblers Rest farm... A little over a month ago, our family of 6 donkeys, and 5 dogs, was introduced to 60 Rhode Island Red hens, who quickly clucked their way onto our farm and into our hearts. And so began the days of, "The Hens in … Continue reading Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?… To get to Ramblers Rest, of course!

Stone Cottage

Cottage for rent 4km outside Bathurst. A single bedroom cottage situated just outside the town of Bathurst and easy to access the main R67 road to get to either Grahamstown ( 35km ) or Port Alfred ( 18km ). The cottage has one main bedroom with a concrete floor. The spacious kitchenette and living area … Continue reading Stone Cottage

San or Saint…Pedro?

Huachuma - San Pedro, is known for and has a history of medicinal and shamanic use - huachumeros a male shaman or Huachureras a female shaman. (try to pronounce huachureras correctly and really quickly 10 times in a row!) The plant is native to the Andes mountains especially around the regions of Ecuador, Peru and … Continue reading San or Saint…Pedro?