Selection Guide of Smart Mini Projector

DLP Traditional household projectors, mostly adopting 3 LCD or DLP chips, usually employ "ultra-high pressure mercury bulbs" as the light source. While most smart Mini projectors adopt DLP chips of Texas Instruments. The majority of them use LED light sources, and very few "light bulbs". DLP is a kind of more advanced projection technology, which … Continue reading Selection Guide of Smart Mini Projector


VEGAN... The word on its own can on most occasions  turn into a heated debate even amongst friends.  The fact of the matter is, the meat industry is not sustainable. For those of you who consider bacon a vegetable, this may not be an easy crackling to swallow. And we as the human population on this planet, have … Continue reading TO MEAT OR TO EAT?

Best Linux Distros for 2017

Operating systems are like cars: you can get a power-hungry Humvee that guzzles gas, leaving you with a few miles to drive, or you can get a super-efficient smart car that barely sniffs gas and gives you hundreds of miles of range. You can also get a monster OS that devours all system resources (CPU … Continue reading Best Linux Distros for 2017

Arts and Crafts Recycled

With a growing worldwide extinction of many the worlds species due to climate change and less natural habitat to breed and live sustainable lives. Animals also have the added danger in rural and urban areas of dying from humans litter. Its great to see artists turn one mans litter into another woman's fashion accessory! I found this website that … Continue reading Arts and Crafts Recycled