Stone Cottage

Cottage for rent 4km outside Bathurst. A single bedroom cottage situated just outside the town of Bathurst and easy to access the main R67 road to get to either Grahamstown ( 35km ) or Port Alfred ( 18km ). The cottage has one main bedroom with a concrete floor. The spacious kitchenette and living area … Continue reading Stone Cottage

San or Saint…Pedro?

Huachuma - San Pedro, is known for and has a history of medicinal and shamanic use - huachumeros a male shaman or Huachureras a female shaman. (try to pronounce huachureras correctly and really quickly 10 times in a row!) The plant is native to the Andes mountains especially around the regions of Ecuador, Peru and … Continue reading San or Saint…Pedro?

Cannabidiol (CBD) help with inflammation

One of the top benefits of CBD is how it assists people suffering from different types of inflammation both externally on the skin or internally in organs or joints. Inflammation is a factor of pain and discomfort found in many health conditions aswell as a contributing factor to many diseases and illnesses. CBD's efficacy to … Continue reading Cannabidiol (CBD) help with inflammation

The dirty business with the shrimps

Once a luxury commodity, now discounter goods: shrimps. They are tasty, low in fat and cost little. 56.000 tonnes of the crustaceans are consumed annually in Germany alone. Most of the shrimps come from Southeast Asia, especially from Thailand. Meanwhile, environmentalists are sounding the alarm: the aquacultures of a gigantic shrimp industry have already destroyed … Continue reading The dirty business with the shrimps

Selection Guide of Smart Mini Projector

DLP Traditional household projectors, mostly adopting 3 LCD or DLP chips, usually employ "ultra-high pressure mercury bulbs" as the light source. While most smart Mini projectors adopt DLP chips of Texas Instruments. The majority of them use LED light sources, and very few "light bulbs". DLP is a kind of more advanced projection technology, which … Continue reading Selection Guide of Smart Mini Projector