This is a blog that is sometimes maintained and posted to with everything from music to daily events in and around Bathurst.

Ramblers Rest guest house and farm is located 4 km outside the 1820 Settler village of Bathurst. The Zuurveld of the Eastern Cape, in South Africa. 35 km from Grahamstown and 20km from Port Alfred. Lots to see and do on the Sunshine Coast and Frontier Country.

As a farm we provide the following services:
Wwoof Host
Fruit, vegetables, herbs (when in season)
WIFI and computer support
Artisan firewood for sale

Our principles are based on permaculture design of land usage. We use as little external inputs as possible and try and use as many local resources as possible. Our land has almost been guaranteed chemical free for 5 years. We are focused on removing alien, invasive species but also trying to establish food forests in their place with fruit trees like Avocado, fig, lime, lemon, moringa, bananna, peach, walnut , guava, apple and apricots.


“My wife and I really enjoyed the peace and tranquility of our stay in this cosy little stone cottage which borders a game reserve (we saw plenty of wildlife from the comfort of the hammock in the garden!) By far the best value of anything else in the area, the cottage had a rustic charm to it that we both loved. We highly recommend this cottage for laid back types of people who can appreciate simple living and the quietness of nature.” Daniel


  1. Vanessa said:

    Well done, love your blog – great pics and information, can’t wait to visit again. Love

    • Vanessa said:

      Beautiful photograph. Looks awesome.

  2. pobept said:

    Your a bit out of my neighborhood, but, I would love to spend a week at your guesthouse.
    Great picture gallery

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