We have hosted Smokehouse piggery on Ramblers Rest for about 3 years. The piggery has been ongoing for many more years though!

Smokehouse piggery is a family run business ( William and Jo Anne ) and managed daily by their foreman Soso. Their food outlet serves up some of the best farm to fork pork and the best smoked pork products in Lower Albany!

Piggery @ Ramblers Rest

The pigs are a mixture of Large white and Landrace crosses. They have been bred over the years for quality of meat. We have anything from 25 to 100 pigs at any given time. Pigs are selected for their readiness and size thus ensuring consistent pork for our shop and smoker. They are well looked after in small outdoor camps with ample shade and always access to fresh water and feed. They are fed a regular daily diet of pig feed and supplemented with cuttings from the vegetable garden.

SmokeHouse Shop Bathurst

Managed by Jo-anne, SmokeHouse has been serving quality “fast” food in Bathurst for years. All products are made on the premises while you wait, fish and chips, ribs ,chops, grillers and toasties are served on the menu. They also have a walk-in fridge that holds the cured and smoked meats for your picking.

Smoked pork products include:

Kassler Chops
Cheese Grillers
Bacon Patties
Cheese Loaf
Cheese Grillers

While William smokes and cures the pork meats, Joanne is busy making delicious homemade pork pies. She has become fairly famous locally for her pies. As soon we locals know they are out they oven orders starting rolling in.

Pork Pies

You can find the SmokeHouse in the heart Bathurst, just past the Agricultural Museum on the R67/Kowie Road. They are open Monday – Sunday and dont just serve pork but also a fantastic fish and chips, plus more.

SmokeHouse Menu

SmokeHouse supplies a couple restaurants and pubs around the area their homegrown pork. One such pub, The Bathurst Arms, sells a variety of their pork products on their pub menu and also recently had a successful “Pig on the Spit” day, catered by Smoke House Piggery.

Pork Spit Braai Bathurst


To order please call Jo-Anne or William on 0835718839 or pop past their shop at 1 Timms Lane, Bathurst.