Chickens rule the roost on Homesteads

Chickens are the perfect match for any homestead. Besides the hours of entertainment they provide and the nutritious eggs they lay for your family, there are many other reasons why chickens play an important role in any homestead. Below we discuss some examples of the functions chickens provide in the lifecycle of your homestead. Pest … Continue reading Chickens rule the roost on Homesteads

How to Worm Chickens Becky shows you how to de-worm your chickens safely and naturally.

How to make millions farming!

This is not actually true, but dam funny and reminds me of a good farmer friend from down the road. Actually farming is a bottomless pit of money.

Chicken Coop Update

Since getting a couple new chickens last week. We desperately needed to upgrade our chicken coop, mentioned  in Chickens for every farm blog last week. We got going with planning the coop, basically just doubling the size, with a more open outside area, enclosed with old fencing, zinc roofing and wood. I also decided it … Continue reading Chicken Coop Update

Chickens for every farm

Chickens are a necessity on every farm. So far our biggest fans, Soulsby farm, have given me a bit of inspiration for chickens, and have an article I have read a few times, Why everyone should own chickens . Lovely to connect with other small farmers from around the world. Much easier than buying books!! … Continue reading Chickens for every farm