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Becky shows you how to de-worm
your chickens safely and naturally.

This is not actually true, but dam funny and reminds me of a good farmer friend from down the road. Actually farming is a bottomless pit of money.

Since getting a couple new chickens last week. We desperately needed to upgrade our chicken coop, mentioned  in Chickens for every farm blog last week. We got going with planning the coop, basically just doubling the size, with a more open outside area, enclosed with old fencing, zinc roofing and wood. I also decided it was a good idea to put a roof on, but we only half the roof done for now. I also removed all the bricks holding the existing roof, and removed the bent gutter. I found an old gate that could be used in place of the white shelving gate being used now. I had to break down quite a bit of wall on the gate the old wooden pole that hold the gate up.

We still have to add half the roof, and have run out of roofing. But we are converting the old water resiviour into a braai area and already started bashing it down. It has quite a bit of zinc roofing that we can salvage and re-use on the chicken coop. I added the new gate, with hinges. I must still build up the old rock walls around the coop, aswell as the wall that was broken to fit the beam to hold up the new gate. I also want to build a couple of beds around the coop.

The chicken coop is being cleaned weekly and the hot droppings and feathers are being used in the compost heap. The chickens are free range, and are very cute as they run to their coop at sunset, also spurred on wih a couple handfuls of mealies. They really do enjoy their new home, added a feeding tray, have a double story roost and a door leading to their outside yard. Still alot more work to be done, but always adding and subtracting.

Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens and a broiler is a women over the age of 35 !!!

Chickens are a necessity on every farm. So far our biggest fans, Soulsby farm, have given me a bit of inspiration for chickens, and have an article I have read a few times, Why everyone should own chickens . Lovely to connect with other small farmers from around the world. Much easier than buying books!! They have written 10 reasons why one should own chickens. I would like to add to that.

Great news is yesterday my chickens produced their first egg. It was exciting, I never knew a chicken egg would make me smile, and has been a talking point for me for over 24 hours. I feel like I am a farmer now. We have suffered only two losses of chickens in the last few weeks. And from very kind neighbours and new friends I have been donated quite a few wonderful chickens, all different shapes and sizes. I do have too many roosters, but not worried about too many cocks spoiling the broth. I am considering building a chicken tractor to assist in housing the roosters and keeping them separate from the hens, aswell as assisting in soil regeneration.

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