Umshini Wam   Big dreams, big blunts, big rims, and big guns. It's time to get gangsta gangsta. Ninja and Yo-Landi are wheelchair-bound lovers and real gangsters. They live in the outskirts of civilization, they shoot guns for fun, smoke massive joints, and sleep in the woods. They don't have any bling to show for their … Continue reading Umshini Wam

Most watched youtube 2012 South Africa

Cult music group, Die Antwoord is top of the pops when it comes to the most watched South African video on Youtube in 2012. Die Antwoord’s song titled: “I Fink you Freeky” has been viewed more than 21.28 million times at last count. It has garnered more than 5,000 comments, and was given the thumbs … Continue reading Most watched youtube 2012 South Africa