Family matters

It has occurred to me on numerous occasions whilst half-way through a blog, that when I mention someone, you may want to actually know just whom I am referring to and what their role on our farm is. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the Rambling Family. Surrounded by a lifetime and then … Continue reading Family matters

Make a flea trap

You can trap fleas by placing a dish of soapy water under a night light near where your pet sleeps. Fleas are attracted to warm light and will drown in the soapy water. This works for adult fleas only, but with diligence, can be effective reducing the flea population. Fleas already residing on your pet … Continue reading Make a flea trap

Jolly Boys

10 Rules:  Always run to greet loved ones when they come home. Never pass the opportunity to go for a joy ride. Recognize the ecstasy of fresh air and wind in your face. Take naps. Stretch before rising. Run, romp and play daily. Avoid biting when a simple growl will do. When you're happy, dance … Continue reading Jolly Boys

Natural Tic and Flea Spray for Dogs

Been offline for awhile, almost through the whole of winter. Lots of updates coming. A fair amount of progress on the old farmhouse and lots of progress on the land.   My dogs have been fairly clean through winter, but recently had a nasty attack of fleas. Tic season is almost around the corner. So … Continue reading Natural Tic and Flea Spray for Dogs