Umgwenya/Wild Plum Fermentation

There a couple Umgwenya trees surrounding the farmhouse, a lovely evergreen that attracts birds, bees, butterflies and even a local troop of vervet monkeys. Both the dogs and donkeys enjoy eating the bountiful harvests of bright red wild plums. TheĀ Harpephyllum caffrum grows from the southern most point of the eastern cape along the east coast … Continue reading Umgwenya/Wild Plum Fermentation


We have had 7 days of 5 kilo's of blended pineapple of the slow fermentation process, naturally. 10 liters of warm water was included in the fermentation bucket and nothing else.Ā  Below are the bubbles from the CO2 being pushed up. On the 7th day, there was fermentation #natural #distil #pineapples #ramblersrest #ploughmanpub A post … Continue reading Fermentation