Umgwenya/Wild Plum Fermentation

There a couple Umgwenya trees surrounding the farmhouse, a lovely evergreen that attracts birds, bees, butterflies and even a local troop of vervet monkeys. Both the dogs and donkeys enjoy eating the bountiful harvests of bright red wild plums. The¬†Harpephyllum caffrum grows from the southern most point of the eastern cape along the east coast … Continue reading Umgwenya/Wild Plum Fermentation


We have had 7 days of 5 kilo's of blended pineapple of the slow fermentation process, naturally. 10 liters of warm water was included in the fermentation bucket and nothing else.¬† Below are the bubbles from the CO2 being pushed up. On the 7th day, there was fermentation #natural #distil #pineapples #ramblersrest #ploughmanpub A post … Continue reading Fermentation