baby green figs

Post-Xmas Baby Green Fig

I managed to harvest two ice-cream tubs worth of baby green figs a couple days ago and would like to harvest the rest, before the birds get them! Here goes another recipe for baby green fig preserve.  I love the taste as it remind me of christmas, and the fig preserve goes well almost anything, … Continue reading Post-Xmas Baby Green Fig

Zesty Fig and Lemon Preserve

Spotted some baby green figs on the tree this morning and decided to get them before the birds do. Recipe for unripe Zesty Fig Preserve: 10 baby green figs 250 grams brown sugar 400ml boiling water Tablespoon cinnamon powder Half Tablespoon nutmeg Teaspoon aniseed Teaspoon honey Top the figs and pierce them multiple times with … Continue reading Zesty Fig and Lemon Preserve

Green Fig preserve

A fine fig preserve made from our figs this spring in the kitchen of Kingston Farm by Carla.