baby green figs

Post-Xmas Baby Green Fig

I managed to harvest two ice-cream tubs worth of baby green figs a couple days ago and would like to harvest the rest, before the birds get them! Here goes another recipe for baby green fig preserve.  I love the taste as it remind me of christmas, and the fig preserve goes well almost anything, … Continue reading Post-Xmas Baby Green Fig

Fig and lime preserve

Made our first fig and lime preserve from and on the farm. Recipe as follows: 1kg Brown sugar Half a packet of baby green figs ( get them before the mousebirds do) 5 almost ripe limes, cut the skins and rind in thin lines, squeeze the juice of two of the limes into the pot. … Continue reading Fig and lime preserve

Green Fig preserve

A fine fig preserve made from our figs this spring in the kitchen of Kingston Farm by Carla.