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The most obvious health benefit from gardening is the hard labour. One hour of hard gardening can burn up to 300 calories, and can help reduce heart disease and strengthen muscles. The fresh air is great for you, and you can also get some sunlight, which will boost your vitamin D levels.

But it’s not all about the physical benefits. Gardening has been proven to help mental health too, as the work can reduce stress. You can also get social benefits, if you can talk to your neighbours while you garden, or if other members of your family work with you.

Teaching a child to garden can teach them alot of responsibility, not to forget the reward of seeing something grow.

If you grow your own vegetables, then this will encourage you to eat healthier, and you can save lots of money from not having to buy groceries. It’s also great to grow herbs, as these can be used to flavour meals, meaning less need for salt.

Ask at your local garden centre for help starting your garden growing process, and you’ll soon be feeling fitter and healthier.

Been threatening to build a greenhouse for 4 weeks already. I have marked out the space, positioned it properly and given it a lot of thought. We have a full day of sun everyday unless there is rain, which is a blessing. Ok the title is a little incorrect, but both Xolane and myself are every happy with the work we put in, and the materials we used, cost us almost nothing, except for a few cable ties, and a split thumb.  

This is not the greenhouse I had in mind, and actually just next to the spot where it will be. It’s just been setup for seedlings and cuttings to have some shade, aswell as a spot in the vegetable for us to work. The materials we used were all found on the farm:

– Shade netting found lying around the farm.
– Black wattle tree stumps for the structure
– Salvaged wood for the support structures and working bench
– Salvaged nails from the wood we found
– PVC piping from old pipes found around the farm

We dug holes to put the main tree stumps in, and measure them to a nice height to work under. We reinforced the structure with other wood to make sure it was sturdy for the strong winds. And then  connected the shade netting with cable-ties. i found some lovely pine retted planks under a bush going to waste and salvaged in time to use for the bench. Other than that it took us two a few hours to put it all together and now we have some shade for good development of smaller plants.

One thing that I will remember in future, and a very good tip I learnt last night is to remove the bark of the black wattle and paint it with tar or diesal, it lasts longer and repels insects.

It does have a bit of an angle, and does not look sturdy, but it sure is, its reinforced from all angles, needs a little more work, and will serve us well for many years to come.

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