Boer Goats Dewormer Tonic

All of the herbs help expel the worms in some way, Cloves are anthelmintic, coccidiostatic, and help firm up stool Anise makes it more palatable (especially for dogs) and is antiparasitic Black walnut hull powder is a strong anthelmintic Cayenne supplies vitamin C and expels worms with the capsaicin. Cinnamon is coccidiostatic and antidiarrheal Garlic … Continue reading Boer Goats Dewormer Tonic

Xhosa Goats

I have had a 50% success rate with goats. We lost our last goat this past Saturday. Seems like the mother had mastitis and the kid was not fed for a couple days. We have two nicely sized female goats now goats from the other ewe's. They seem happy, go through fencing and eat whatever … Continue reading Xhosa Goats