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Hopefully some of these water saving tips can help you now and into the future.

1. Never leave a tap open with water running. Open, close, use water. Turning a tap off while brushing your teeth can save you 100 litres a month.
2. Repair all leaks on plumbing and taps, both inside and outside. That can save you a few thousand litres a month!!
3. Recycle your grey water. Baths, showers, basins and kitchen sinks can water garden beds around the house. This can save as much as 40% of your water usage. Convert to eco-friendly cleaning products, this can be beneficial to your plants.
4. Install rain water tanks, the bigger the better ( 5000 litres ), catch-all that water running down your gutters to be reused to wash your car, water your garden or many other things.
5. Fit a multi-flush system to your toilet system, or place a brick in the cistern.Too much water is used for toilet anyway.
6. Convert to hydro drippers instead of garden sprinklers. They focus the water where it is needed and water the plants under the foliage.
7. Mulch your garden, this can save thousands of litres of water, prevents evaporation, and depending what mulch you use, can provide a lot of benefits to your plants.
8. Shower quickly rather than bath. Save a bath for once a week, enjoy it more.
9. Install a cover over your pool or water storage. The sun can evaporate a lot of water over a wide area.
10. Think before you use water, educate someone else if you see them abusing water.

Please feel free to post comments on ideas you have to save water.

Using water wisely is very important, not just living in the Eastern Cape but the rest of the world. Coming from Johannesburg, you kind of take water for granted when you open up your tap, water the garden, wash your car or fill your swimming pool to have the bluest pool in the neighbourhood.

Only about 1% of the world’s surface and resources contains drinkable water. A huge proportion of earths water is salt water and requires expensive equipment to desalinate salt water.So really before it’s too late, we all have to take water seriously and put proper processes¬† place to make sure you are catching and using your water as best as possible. Using grey water can save you about 40% of your total water bill each month and catching rain water can make you independent from the municipalities systems, even for heavy water users.

Living here, and living on rain water alone is difficult, and you have to start thinking carefully on your water usage.In our area, The Ndlambe Municipality, there have been severe water shortages in the last few years. Some communities being without water for 4 days.

R31 million water injection for drought-stricken Ndlambe Municipality (12 April 2011)

For the first time in more than five years, the drought-stricken Ndlambe Local Municipality did not experience water shortages during peak season last year due to drought relief interventions totaling some R31 million.  Source

The first project before even moving here, was to clear and check all the gutter for debris, blocks and leaks. With some help, we moved empty water tanks, and replaced broken tanks and moved them around the property to better catch rain water. Luckily there has been heavy rainfall in the area for the last few months and we have quite full rain tanks. We have a capacity on the farm for about 50000 litres of water that will be diverted from the roof to rainwater tanks.

I have adjusted the plumbing and diverted all grey water from bathrooms to garden beds, and the kitchen sink rerouted to the small herb garden outside the kitchen window. The mint is really enjoying the water and growing like mad. Mint tea on the menu.

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