South Africa a leader in GM crops

First post in ages and alot more coming. Been following Genetically modified crops for sometime now and sad to see this misinformed article boasting about being leaders in development of GM crops. Oneday "Apartheid" will be blamed for our lack of food security and natural biodiversity of food crops that once South Africa was a … Continue reading South Africa a leader in GM crops


35 modern words that have been added to the Oxford dictionary, one being frankenfood. Definition of Frankenfood noun [mass noun] informal, derogatory genetically modified food: they want to sell us Frankenfood [count noun]: lab-engineered Frankenfoods Origin: 1990s: from Frankenstein + food Sauce

Open Source

I have been a hacker at linux almost since using computers. It really confused me, and luckily enough I managed to get through an IT course completing system administration and deployment of linux. It never really meant as much as it does today. I think its quite silly to compare my outlook in life by … Continue reading Open Source

Please share this information about Monsanto, stop using thier products, they are under investigation already in South Africa, but as you know honesty takes a backseat when it comes to money and politics. We need to help make people aware of this company that only cares to take over the world seed market, GMO seeds, and therefore food. Read up and you will be shocked, do your own investigation and you will be disgusted.


A fellow blogger asked me to expound on the topic of heirloom/organic vs. hybrid/organic seeds. I’ve been putting it off because the subject is bigger than just seeds and begs a much more detailed account of what “sustainability” means to me and my partner. To answer the question simply though, Heirloom/organic = sustainable/healthy; Non-heirloom/non-organic = non-sustainable/potentially unhealthy. Heirloom seeds produce fruits and vegetables that in turn produce seeds that will make the same fruit and vegetable, over and over again, year after year. Non-heirloom, or hybrid or GMO seeds, do not. (That is not to say that all hybridized seeds are genetically modified. It is just a line that we’ve drawn in our personal sand about our purchases.)

First up, for those who are curious about the various types of seeds available out there, you have a ton of choices, and not all are created equal. They might each come…

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