We have had 7 days of 5 kilo's of blended pineapple of the slow fermentation process, naturally. 10 liters of warm water was included in the fermentation bucket and nothing else.  Below are the bubbles from the CO2 being pushed up. On the 7th day, there was fermentation #natural #distil #pineapples #ramblersrest #ploughmanpub A post … Continue reading Fermentation

Fruits to ferment

Firing up a distill in the next few weeks and testing out fermentation of different fruits. Looking for abundant, local fruits that are easy and free to obtain, with a little elbow grease: Pineapple ( Queen Pineapple ) Wild Plum ( umgwenya ) Guava Natal Plum Dandelion  


One day in 1865  Mr Charles Purdon entering a barber's shop in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape was taken by some pineapples which had come from Natal. The barber, Mr Lindsay Green gave him some of the pineapple crowns (or tops) and this was the beginning of what is today one of South Africa's and … Continue reading Pineapples