For the Love of Luna

Born with the moon in aries and named after the flower she was born next to, our little foal is bound to have us bouncing about as much as she will once she has found her feet. We have been awaiting her arrival with much anticipation and trepidation as her mom Cleo's previous gestation had many complications … Continue reading For the Love of Luna

My Blind Nemesis..

CAPE MOLE RAT / CAPE GOLDEN MOLE This little critter will be the beginning of the end of my sanity! Now, I am not entirely sure if we are being pestered with the Cape Golden Mole or the Cape Mole Rat, as it has been unwilling to meet face to face, even when the boerboel tried to … Continue reading My Blind Nemesis..

Berrylicious Goose

Now according to Wiki and other sources there is a list of plants known as Gooseberry. They fall under the genus RIBES and also include currants… Jeez lets stop there for now and get to know the berrylicious Gooseberry we are familiar with on our farm, the Cape Gooseberry. The fruit which resembles a small … Continue reading Berrylicious Goose

South Africa 1960’s and 70’s

Apartheid 1988

January 1988 SAP personnel: attack on police in Kliptown No information 25/01/88 Skirmishes with SAP: Ugie; roadblock Cadres wound 1 SAP, retreat safely 25/01/88 SAP personnel: Kokstad; Limpet exploded at Kokstad Mens Club opposite Kokstad SAP station; frequented by SAP; building, two vehicles damaged 27/01/88 SAP personnel: Soweto Cadres open fire on SAP vehicle; three … Continue reading Apartheid 1988

Evoid – Shadow

Via Afrika – Hey Boy and waste my time ( 1984)   Train Surfing in Soweto