Truth about GM Foods – NOT

( This is false information published by our biggest food chain store ) Keen to understand food’s journey from farm to fork, and the health implications? We give you the lowdown on genetic modification. We’re all bombarded with reports on hidden fats, hormones, preservatives and other undesirable ingredients in food. So, it’s no surprise that … Continue reading Truth about GM Foods – NOT

Approval of GE Soybean in South Africa

Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Oakland US—19 March2013—Civil society groups from South Africa, Latin America- especially Brazil, Argentina- and the United States are deeply disturbed by the recent decision by the South African GMO authorities to grant approval for the import into South Africa, of Dow’s genetically engineered (GE) soybean variety (DAS-44406-6). This variety … Continue reading Approval of GE Soybean in South Africa